An Empirical Study On Influence Of Visual Elements On Consumer Attention With Special Reference To Automobile Advertisement

Advertisements have definitely improved the standard of living and given new ways of living to the people. In this scenario it
has become vital for marketers to impact the consumer’s attention. And thus, the visual elements/design come into focus. This
research aims at understanding how visual imagery (aesthetic visual designs and figures) works in advertising to impact
consumers’ views. Study on the visual elements like characters, celebrities endorser, graphics, content has not been conducted
thoroughly and hence, researcher objective is to analyse the impact of visual elements and how it influences the consumer’s
attention for automobile advertisements. Data collection is done through structured questionnaire and the Gaze Recorder
application for tracking consumer attention. It has been observed in the survey that visual images shown in the advertisement
has a vital role in capturing the consumer’s attention. Images can convey complex concepts in a brief manner, and visual
elements can improve understanding and stimulate various feelings and outlooks. Marketers are using different gadgets and
software to analyse the subconscious mind of consumer and the cognitive aspects impacting on advertisements.


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