Webcam Eye Tracking engine

GazeFlow is a hardware-independent technology, which performs real-time eye movement tracking without any physical contact using only a common webcam and software running on a PC.

GazeFlow is the Webcam Eye Tracking engine on which GazeRecorder, GazePointer and GazeBoard rely. GazeFlow is based on analysis of the optical flow of webcam images.

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The main application of GazeFlow -based software is gaze heat map research and analytics for websites usability, film screening or advertising research. The technology can be also used for gaze-based application control, including accessibility for disabled people.


An accuracy and comparison test showed that GazeFlow’s accuracy measurements (< 0.9˚-1.0˚) are, higher than the desired level of accuracy indicated by literature, especially when the head is allowed to move freely. These measurements are however comparable to the accuracy measurements of the compared eye tracking device using infrared light (SMI Red 250).

The full report can be found here

The different heatmaps generated by both eye trackers can be found here


GazeFlow is a proprietary eye movement tracking technology which is designed to be used on a common PC with a common camera. The possible applications of the gaze tracking technology include:

  • Heat map based research and analytics for single and multiple subjects:
    • usability of websites and applications;
    • film screening;
    • advertising research for both TV and static ads (posters, product placement etc).
  • Device and application control:
    • full or auxiliary control of an application or device;
    • working with multiple screens;
    • video games;
    • accessibility for disabled people.
  • Medical and scientific research which needs to detect and track subject’s eye movement.

The GazeFlow technology has these capabilities for gaze tracking and session recording:

  • Real-time gaze tracking. GazeFlow tracks user’s gaze and provides results in real time. The gaze tracking session can be also saved for future use.
  • Heat map generation. Gaze tracking session can be represented as a heat map which can be generated on top of screen contents like web pages, applications, static images or videos. Live preview of the heat maps is available. GazeFlow generates heat maps for single subjects and can also merge individual heat maps for multiple subjects gaze statistics.
  • Application control. GazeFlow functionality can be used for enabling computer, device or application control using gaze as a pointer. The possible applications may range from gaze-controlled software to additional input method for computer games.
  • Accessibility. Specialized software for disabled people can be developed to provide gaze-based control where other accessibility options are not suitable.
  • Simple usage. GazeFlow technology is designed to work with regular webcams and requires no special hardware like specialized gaze-tracking cameras or fixing person’s head in a rigid position. Proprietary algorithms are used to detect subject’s eyes on the captured video and track their movement. No physical contact required at any stage of gaze tracking.
  • Adaptive to screen size and distance from screen. A simple short procedure calibratesGazeFlow  for specific environment before gaze tracking session. Users are guided to fix their gaze at several points on the screen during the calibration procedure.