Cloud Eye-Tracking Insights Platform

The fast & visual way to understand user behavior.


Our technology turns a simple webcam into a Accurate Eye-Tracker. Advances in machine learning and computer vision, allow us to track eye movements with high precision. You can take your research outside the lab and scale to a large number of participants.

See User Engagement in Real-Time

Online solutions for remote usability research.  It allows you to do UX research both on desktop and mobile remotely. You get high-quality session recordings and see through the users’ eyes

Discover and validate what consumers see

Track consumers’ attention, and get to know your brand perception and marketing communication performance

Optimize Your Design

  • create catchy ad campaigns
  • improve customer engagement
  • design outstanding product
  • increase website conversions


Test anything

GazeRecorder is designed to handle any type of content (banners, videos, Live web pages ).

Remote Testing

You can ask testers across the globe. They only need a computer with a webcam. You will have immediate access to the results.

Invite participants to complete tests on their own devices at home. This keeps testers in their natural environment.

Our system is cloud-based, which means we are able to test anyone, anywhere, anytime. The testers just have to share their webcam and view your content, we take care of the rest.

A deeper understanding of consumers means better predicting their preferences and intention.

See sample results of an eye tracking experiment.

Fast & Accurate Eye Tracking Insights

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How can you discover what consumers really see and think while engaging with your brand

Create more conversions as a result of placing key marketing parts in the most viewed positions on a page.

Traditional surveys and reports based on only what people say aren’t insightful enough do you know why the truth is hidden beyond people’s conscious control we believe that you can empower your marketing and product by measuring consumers behavior and attention in comparison to what they say

Helping to Identify Usability Problems. Eyetracking provides additional information to help you find and interpret design and usability problems.

Software based eye-tracking has numerous benefits across multiple industries including market research, usability testing and marketing.

Want to uncover hidden consumer behavior across the globe with GazeInsight?

You can get a deeper level of insight into how your audience interacts with your design it makes advanced eye tracking research simple and accessible and gives you unbiased and quantifiable data on visual attention and engagement.

GazeRecorder uses webcam eye tracking for testing ads or package design web design e-commerce platforms shelf positioning and commercials or anything else really that can be shown on a screen

Our system really shines in meeting the challenge of getting reliable insights about rand performance add effectiveness product success usability and customer satisfaction gain deep insights in just three easy steps create the core of your project your survey and invite people to participate then enjoy your results delivered fast in automatically choose between three

You get evidence-based answers on whether your design performs as intended so you know which track to pursue or what elements to optimize allowing you to create a design that’s more appealing to your audience and more successful you don’t need prior experience

GazeInsight is a ready to go solution you can use your own panels or hours to specifications you need anywhere in the world and you’ll get quick results

Find out how best to move visitors around the page so that they go to where they want them to go.

Eyetracking data can help you determine the following:why participants had problems performing a task,whether participants noticed a particular element—such as a link, button, advertising, or something new added to a user interface, how efficiently a design guides participants through a task, how participants read—in detail or by scanning, why participants had problems performing a task,whether participants noticed a particular element—such as a link, button, advertising, or something new added to a user interface,whether elements are distracting in a negative way

Discover which calls-to-action are working best.

it’s simple you formulate a research question and choose the material you want to test such as pictures or videos you upload them and survey questions to the GazeInsight platform and send it to a panel the participants go through a quick calibration to make sure GazeInsight accurately tracks their gaze then they’re shown what you want to test after you have the number of answers you need you’ll have access to the auto-generated results including heat maps metrics and other data

Attract attention by uncovering weaknesses of your advertising efforts

There’s no manual work for you GazeRecorder it’s quick it’s online it’s advanced eye tracking research made simple

GazeRecorder helps you improve your marketing increase your conversion rate and build strong relationships with customers using innovative research techniques grounded on the holistic understanding of consumer behavior

You could not only gain consumer feedback via surveys but also check their attention capturing where their gaze goes, and track your users mouse movement and clicks

Identify designs that leads to the most customer engagement.

Easily upload your materials reach send a link to your consumers worldwide and gain accurate comprehensive insights to improve brand add product and customer experiences get results within one to two days and save up to 80% off your budget compared to traditional research approaches fast easy reliable