This research addresses concepts of neuromarketing and graphic design, in such a way that it aims to validate the redesign of the website of the Colombian brand Amigos MCS, through the neuromarketing tool, eye tracking. To achieve this, a theoretical conceptualization of basic principles of graphic design and web design was carried out, which served to diagnose the current page of the company, where opportunities for improvement were found that could be exploited in a redesign of the same. Subsequently, a new website proposal was developed that sought to meet the brand’s objectives, as well as give the website greater visibility and readability. Finally, the eye tracking test was implemented on both web pages using software, Gaze Recorder, to find positive points of each of the portals, validate or invalidate the design principles applied in the proposal and reach conclusions that help the company Amigos MCS, to develop a better page.

Gaze Recorder was used as an online eye tracking tool, which is a prototype of this neuromarketing technique.

Eye tracking as a tool to improve the development of web pages

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