Covid-19 is an infectious disease related to respiratory disorders in humans are emerging and quickly became a worldwide pandemic. Vaccines start developed so that the pandemic can subside. Government and various mass media then create infographics for educating the public about vaccines to be used in Indonesia. The more infographics rendered on society will increasingly influence public opinion about which vaccine would be more reliable. This research conducted by recruiting 32 respondents aged 18-35 years divided into 4 groups (males aged 18-25 years, females ages 18-25 years, men ages 26-35, and women ages 26-35 year). This study aims to find out whether the dwell time parameter will influence the respondent’s decision and whether there is a significant difference in dwell time between group. Eye tracking technology uses a webcam on GazeRecorder allows researchers to see how Respondents see infographics about the vaccines given as a stimulus. This application is the right solution for used as a tool in conducting research in the future pandemic because it can be done without direct contact with respondents. Based on the research, it was found that there is no significant difference between groups and parameters dwell time on GazeRecorder can’t find that the longer the dwell time, the more likely it will be the name of the vaccine in the AOI with the longest dwell time is chosen.

Dwell Time and Vaccine Decision Making Covid-19 Based on Infographics in Indonesia: A Study on Eye Tracking

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