Understanding the Impact of the Tempo of Distractions on Cognitive Ability

The objective of this research project is to utilize an online assessment and its associated eye-tracking data to understand whether distractions, and more particularly their tempo, has an impact on an individual’s concentration while completing a task. In this phase of the project, the goal is to develop and apply an assessment which features questions from a computer science technical question database and where audio stimuli are introduced as distractions for the user. This assessment was administered through an online portal that utilizes a webcam to include eye-tracking capabilities. Data from subjects’ performance on this assessment and the eye-tracking data was used to create Linear Regression, Polynomial Regression, and k-means clustering models that reflects the behavior of test subjects based on the collected data (performance, time spent per question (seconds), and eye movements). These models are meant to clarify the effect of patterned versus randomly timed audio distractions as they will provide more information regarding the impact on the test subjects performance through factors like overall scores and time spent per question (seconds).


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