In recent years, the world has been confronted with a myriad of difficulties as a result of the pandemic and the war conflicts that have broken out between countries. In this scenario, it is important to focus on world peace because world peace might influence the growth and prosperity of the entire global community. On the other hand, eye tracking is a relatively new technique for the study of visual attention and perception in poster design. This research work examines the effectiveness of design elements in world peace poster design using an eye tracking technique used for the measurement of attention, attractiveness, and understanding of the messages conveyed using posters. We designed three novel posters on the theme of world peace (using Photoshop and Illustrator), and the eye tracking was conducted using the GazeRecorder software and a questionnaire survey with 20 participants (age ranged from 23–43 years, 47.4% male, 52.6% female) was conducted to understand the users’ reactions to the designed posters. Eye movements are used to provide a comparatively novel source of data about visual attention and evaluation of design elements. Creative poster designs that are eye-catching, have a brief message, and can be understood at a glance are more effective in the context of world peace message communication. The study highlights the use of eye tracking as an active area of research that is being applied to the study of world peace poster design. It was observed that poster 2 (P2) was more attractive as the design was significantly more original, aesthetically pleasing, and communicative to the target audience for the promotion of a world peace-related message. The study reports on people’s perceptions of poster design, particularly different design elements, and their effectiveness, as well as people’s attention to certain messages or information on design posters, which transmit the message and cause them to think in a certain way.

Applying Eye Tracking Technique to Evaluate Poster Design: A Study on World Peace Poster