The tourism industry represents a significant lever of economic growth in the Republic For Croatia, these timely adjustments and innovations in the promotion of tourist products from of particular importance for the collapsed national economy following the Covid-19 pandemic. Changes on the global tourist market, which conditioned the increasing unpredictability of tourists’ behavior when choosing destinations and tourist content, they encourage research into everything that affects making a purchase decision, i.e. booking accommodation . Innovation in the management of e-promotion increasingly comes to the fore in presentation specialized tourist products. A conservative approach to e-promotion in tourism is based on primarily on the presentation of basic, primary tourist content . Recent research points to the importance of emphasizing the details of the secondary i tertiary content, especially with specialized tourist products. These realizations encourage new creative considerations regarding the ways of acting on the consciousness and subconsciousness of the targeted tourist segments, especially when they are offered something completely new . Considering the specificities of tourism as a complex and complex social phenomenon, the influence predominant colors in promotional materials can significantly contribute to the selection concrete tourist offer, i.e. content

Influence of prevailing colors in e-promotion on choosing a specialized tourist product

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