One of the factors that affect reading comprehension is environmental factors, this is related to one’s attention ability. Attention can shift very quickly from one thing to the next, therefore attention can be discussed into overt orientation, which is a selective action on an object by moving the eyes to point in that direction, and covert orientation, which is being able to mentally shift focus without moving the eyes. This research was conducted to see the effectiveness of the eye tracker in observing attention in the reading comprehension process. This study used a quasi-experimental method with a one-group posttest-only design and involved 2 participants in grade 1 and grade 3 high school. The researcher used an eye tracker with GazeRecorder software to identify attention to the reading comprehension process of high school students. Descriptive analysis was used to obtain student attention profiles from high school classes using video monitoring and correlational analysis to obtain data on discriminating power and difficulty level of the developed measuring instrument. The result of the research is that the effect of attention on reading comprehension can be effectively identified through eye tracker technology.

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