Best free eyetracking software windows

Here is the list of best free eye tracking software for Windows. These software help you track eye movement with webcam connected to your PC

Gaze Pointer
 is an eye gaze software in our list of free eye tracking software. This freeware lets you control cursor with eyes via webcam. You can use any ordinary webcam for eye-tracking. The best thing about this software is that, it lets you calibrate cursor movement according to pupil size. You can set pupil according to male, female, or children. You can also change the resolution and smoothness of movement for cursor.

Start by clicking ‘Start Eye-Tracker’ button or you can simply press Ctrl + s key on your keyboard for the same. After this, you will see a red dot on your computer’s screen. The software will tell you to focus on that red dot for calibration. After successful calibration, the cursor of mouse is controlled with the movement of your eyes. You can re-calibrate the gaze anytime.

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