GazeRecorder is a free face tracking software for Windows. It is basically a gaze recording software that tracks eyes and face of the user and records eye movement on screen. It operates well under good as well as dull lighting conditions even if the face is partially covered.

As you launch this software, you can go through Record (tab) > Eye-Tracker (menu). Now, you need to click on Start Cam option that leads to gaze recording and face tracking process by calibrating your eyes to a dot on the screen. In order to re-calibrate face tracking and gaze calibration, you can click on Reinit Face and Calibrate Gazeoptions respectively. As a result of aforementioned settings, it displays real-time face and eye movements on the screen. There is a Rec button given on its interface to start Gaze recording. All these data is by default saved in GazeRecorderResult folder in TXTXMLDAT, and AVI format. Moreover, it generates dynamic (AVI format) and static heat map(JPG).

It also provides several outputs and eye tracker settings using which, you can adjust resolution, define head model (Child, Female, or Male), calibration type (1, 5, 9, 16 points), gaze plot size, folder location to store generated result, etc.

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